Cale Byers

Environmental Writing Photo Albums

November 18, 2018

Here are some photos and videos from our weekend field trips. This was the first year for the course, and I hope these photos inspire other professors to engage with nature whenever possible, getting people outside. During nice weather we could turn off the fluorescent lights and sit under a tree.

Opal Creek Album, September 14-16. Stayed in the Opal Creek Cabins. Hiked through an old growth forest and sampled the biomass of trees, both living and dead. Also looked at hemlock regeneration. They end up sprouting from nurse logs, using fallen trees as a nutrient store. I took lots of pics and some video. Shot some film but still need to develop it.

Deer Creek Album, October 12-14. Went to the Siskiyou Field Institute campground, observing conifer and angiosperm regeneration after fires. Took much more video on this trip, experimenting with a zoom lens (Sigma 28-70, for Minolta MD) that I'd forgotten about. It actually performs nicely and has great colors. Focusing isn't very stable, so shooting at f8 helps. I'll have to engrave distance measurements into the ring.

Oregon Coast Album, November 9-11. Stayed at the Westwind Cabins, near Lincoln City. Traveled north of Pacific City and sampled plant species diversity at different dunes. Understanding dune succession and composition. Lots of macro photos of plants.