Cale Byers

Film Photography Kickstarter

October 24, 2018

I'm launching a Kickstarter project for film photography pretty soon, and there's a draft preview available right now. If you don't mind, please look it over and let me know what you think. I'm creating a video with the help of some friends, and I'll add it to the project before launching.

The goal is to provide free instruction to students at McMinnville High and Linfield College. The high school shut down its darkroom years ago, but for education, film is a great tool. I have many cameras available for students, along with some paper and B&W film. Everything will be made available for free, so there are no barriers to participate or learn about film and photography. We will sell prints as rewards for the project. If you want to help support this informal group of student-photographers, please back the project when it launches, and we'll mail you some photos in return, as indicated by the different reward options.

Check out this rough draft of the film workshop ethos for a little more info. If you want to participate or offer ideas, please contact me