Hosting with NearlyFreeSpeech.Net

I was using Netlify and Github to host this site, but at the end of the day, free products with restrictions aren't worth the tradeoffs. Hosting is super simple, and your site is synced with your repository, but you are limited in the types of ideas you can express on their servers.

NearlyFreSpeech.Net (NFSN) has a very permissive policy:

You may not upload, publish, or otherwise use the Services to make available any Content that:

    violates the laws of the United States of America; or
    you are contractually prohibited from distributing; or
    is tortious under the laws of the United States of America; or
    your distribution of which infringes upon the intellectual property rights of others; or
    you otherwise do not have the legal right to distribute.

Github, Gitlab, and Netlify come with restrictions or expectations that are no longer worth it. When getting started, it makes sense to try out free platforms. But now that I can setup my sites and don't need their framework to do it, I can pay for hosting and enjoy greater freedoms. There aren't clear definitions of what it means to "discriminate" or "harass" on Github, and they've begun sanctioning developers in other countries. This kind of punitive treatment disgusts me, so I'm voting with my wallet and choosing better. Gitlab also has vague restrictions, allowing them to decide what is offensive, harmful, or abusive. If you express an idea that is offensive, or if you do journalism, you might run afoul of their terms. For these reasons, I've also moved The Linfield Free Press onto NFSN.