Going Phone-free

I recently canceled my phone service, due to the following issues:

The expense isn’t really that high, but the real cost is my lost time. I don’t share sensitive information over the phone, but the principal of the government spying on me is unsettling. If it bothers you, cancel your service as well. Aside from listening to your calls, your provider has a very detailed location map, because we wear our phones, and they are always with us.

From August 2014, when I first got my phone before starting college, to March 2020, when I finally canceled my line, I wasted about 10% of my life on my phone, and if I include laptops, TV, etc, probably about 15-20% of my life was lost. I may end up getting a landline someday, but for now, I'm phone-free. I know it's a silly fad, but it's worth considering. I also have abandoned all social media.

Imagine dying, and then having the chance to extend your life by another 10%. Would you take that offer? Maximizing your time has the same effect, so I had to get rid of these pointless distractions. I will update this post as necessary to reflect on the experience.

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