I Blocked Googlebot


I un-blocked Google, because I think that this was an exercise in stupidity. I do not benefit from blocking Google, because very few people will also block google from their site. Unless there is a coordinated effort, then it's sabotaging my relevance online, and making no impact. Someone ought to make a list of sites that are blocking GoogleBot, and gather the momentum necessary to make this work. I read an interesting article the other night about coordination problems, titled Too Much Dark Money in Almonds, by Scott Alexander. It notes how little money is actually spent in elections compared to other things, like almonds, and how people don't act in a coordinated manner, so they don't solve problems.

To protest Google's search dominance and AMP policies, I blocked their crawler from my website, by modifying my robots.txt file, as follows:
User-agent: Googlebot
Disallow: /

I've also removed my DNS verification for Google's Search Console tools, which show top searches for my site.

My decision was inspired by Bradley Taunt's post, which was inspired by lucb1e's post.

Try another search engine, like:

For more information about de-Googling your life, visit No More Google, or also check out De-google-ify Internet.