Cale Byers

Linfield Blacklight Dance

January 20, 2018

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Editing photos

If you'd like a higher quality edit and can afford $5, I'll revise your pics and remove my watermark. You can pay me using Square Cash. Or use real cash. Or a bottle of cheap wine.

If anyone wants to shoot with blacklights, please get in touch! I have some ideas to try out, and there's lots of body painting or makeup styling that looks neat under UV. There's also a cool blacklight video with sunscreen and tonic water on a woman's body, showing how they respond to the light.

Shooting Technique

We set up a photobooth at the dance using two LED flashlights. Got them for about $7 each on eBay. Next time, I'll use more powerful fluorescent tubes, along with flashlights for precision or with colored gels. I shot with a 24mm 2.8 on a Rebel T6i. I recently bought a Sony a7 and will adapt film lenses next time I shoot anything this dark.

I'm editing the photos to correct white balance, saturation, and other stuff. Some shots have a very flat, dull appearance, because they reflect the light as purple or reddish brown. Or they're too blue. So for nice portraits, I'm blending two different DISCO presets, giving detail to faces but also having DANK colors for the paint. Highly recommend painting your face next time, even if my lighting is better. Paint helps me focus on your face, and it balances the colors, too. Since a normal flash or light interferres with the glowing paint, I think some neon, gels, or laser beams would do the trick, but it'll require more complex setup and experimenting.