been a while - 10/30/16

I quit my job

I quit the Safeway Starbucks job for a lot of different reasons, and I should have quit probably in August or September. It was the type of job that you have for a couple months, but there was this discount at Safeway and other benefits that made me rationalize staying there longer than was practical.

As a company, Safeway is an awful place to work, at least the one I worked at. There are so many issues, and it's totally hopeless trying to fix anything. You're given no flexibility yet constantly expected to do certain tasks without proper support. They'll cut hours and then expect perfection. Another stupid thing is that after cutting hours, other employees have to work on overtime, because not enough people are scheduled, and people have to stay late to get the job done. Imagine that! The amount of work doesn't decrease when you cut employees. So instead, they burn overtime hours and make everything worse. People are so incompetent and disrespectful, and there's no trust between managers and employees there.

After lots of garbage, I finally decided that it was time to go. Safeway was a burden, and I'm glad to be gone. I will try to never shop there again. You should also not shop there. I hope the company goes bankrupt and dies.

I started school

I started classes on September 26, 2016, and I'm taking 12 credits. The classes are all intro level stuff, so it's fairly easy, but accounting is just weird. The math is simple, but the concepts and terms and rules and everything else are so frustrating and confusing. And the Pearson software is absolutely disgusting. The MyAccountingLab website is so hard to use, and that's really annyoing when you don't budget enough time for scrolling and opening windows and trying to do your homework. It's just nuts. It costs $90 for access to their shitty website. But I can get Spotify for $60 a year or any number of delicious apps and services for less than $90. It's just absurd that their software and UX is so painful.

Next term, I'll take more of my classes online, because I don't like having to go to class. It's just too much sitting down, and I can't get a job with limited hours. Right now, I've only got like 5-10 hours, and it would've been perfect if I could've pushed carts at Costco. But they said to check back in the spring.

The college experience is weird compared to Linfield. You just show up for classes and then leave. It's odd. I don't mind, but it's just so different. The only benefit is that there's absolutely no pressure to form relationships or make new friends like there is at a 4 year or a place where everyone lives together.

I'm sure there are plenty of nice people there, but you can't figure that out in your classes. You need more time to interact and talk with people, and that just won't happen without joining clubs and doing lots of stuff that's not really practical for me right now. I go to Salem, and then I come home. I'm not going to fart around for 2 hours each week soliciting the campus for new friends.


I'm pretty fed up with the rain. I don't understand how anyone can claim to like the rain. If they really like the rain, they would stand outside and get wet. I've never seen anyone in Oregon go outside and get themselves soaking wet because of loving the rain. Nobody does that. So nobody likes the rain.

What they really mean is that they like to sit inside and relax because there is rain. Rain allows you to not do things outside, and perhaps the clouds and sounds of raindrops are therapeutic. In this sense, you can enjoy the rain. But as a purely physical thing, nobody I know enjoys standing outside in the gusty, rainy, stormy weather. If you do, you're probably a freak, and I don't care what you think anyway.

the future

I'm going to hopefully sell photos and find a better job. I don't know what I'm doing. I never get to do anything fun, because I don't have any money. So I'm pretty much an older version of my high school self: more facial hair, a little taller, still living at home, and never seeing friends. It's really boring. Would be nice to go to another country and try again at having a normal existence.