Test post - 8/11/16

This is a test post. I have no idea what I'm doing. I'd like to make a site or something and then migrate the whole thing onto a personal webserver after making it more polished.

I am not sure how to best design this or categorize it from an abstract layer. It seems weird making one centralized place on the web for all of my stuff, but maybe it's easiest that way. I'll have a page with links to other accounts, but I may end up creating a couple other websites and linking to them if any projects get started soon.

I'm really not all that concerned about styling or other stuff. I'll probably make sure the text scales nicely depending on screen width, but I don't want many bells and whistles on an aggregate site like this. It would be more appropriate to invest effort into a personal site for photography.. think of this as a landing page of sorts, along with a blog.

Some stuff I'm doing or planning to do soon

That's all, folks