Sony a7ii Stolen

On June 8th, 2019, my Sony a7ii was stolen from the employee locker-room at The Barberry, while I was working. It was taken sometime between 6-8:40pm, probably around 8pm. The serial number is:

I am offering a $500 reward for the camera and photos, so contact me if you find the card or camera. It's incredibly unlikely that I'll ever get it back, but if you ever end up owning this Sony a7ii, I want you to know that it's a stolen camera. I would appreciate having your help in re-tracing to the person that sold it to you, so I can prosecute them.

I lost a lot of important photos, along with my backpack, wallet, iPhone, USB drive, and some other random stuff. I got my phone back, because I put it into lost-mode, and listed someone's number to call if it was found. There's no good reason to steal iPhones. If your phone is locked, nobody can resell it, and they just dump the phone. It was found at a park bench in McMinnville, presumably the dragon park by the public library.

I don't know why platforms like Craigslist, eBay, Facebook, or OfferUp don't require serial numbers to be posted. Just the other night, I saw a stolen a7ii camera on eBay with the serial number blurred out of the photos. It was being sold without any papers, box, lens, batteries, or original items. It was just a body that someone was trying to dump quickly online, and eBay is complicit for tolerating this bullshit. And our legislators are failing to regulate e-commerce platforms, allowing thieves to easily sell stolen goods.

It's hard to find things online, because there are so many different ways people describe items. You don't know if you should search for "a7ii" or "a7 ii." And there's always the possibility for someone to inaccurately describe a camera to avoid being caught. Anyway, fuck the internet and fuck thieves and legislators who don't regulate important issues. Pawn shops have to co-operate with the police and monitor for stolen goods, but online platforms aren't subject to the same regulations. This seems unfair and inconsistent.