Cale Byers

Quit Stealing my Screen Space

December 2, 2017

So many apps and websites are leaving menu bars and other nonsense visible when you scroll. It is not okay. Maybe a lot of people have big screen phones like the Galaxy series or the post-5s iPhones. But I have an SE and I had a 5s before that. A small phone is nice for some reasons, although I would appreciate a bigger screen at this point.

Regardless, floating menus and other stupid things would still be annoying on the iPhone 7 or any larger device. Why clutter up a huge display?? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of having a large screen? Wasteful.

I don't care about your email list, your social media accounts, your search box, or anything whatsoever when I'm trying to read an article or browse.

It's okay to show something if I scroll the opposite direction, but when trying to read, please remove your dumb stuff. Hide everything, and let me enjoy your content.