Cale Byers

Please stop Refreshing on Back Swipes

October 10, 2017

There's this really terrible design pattern on sites like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc, where they reload the page when you go backwards in your history. Say for example you're browsing the trending section of YouTube. If you watch a particular video and then navigate backwards to see the trending list, it'll reload. STOP! I don't need you to think for me and mess up my page position.

Or if you're on Facebook and click a juicy post, when you swipe backwards to go back to your newsfeed, you'll get new stuff. If there was something else you wanted to read, it's gone. New content. New page position. Everything is destroyed. WTF??? Who thought this was okay?

It reminds me of those low quality articles on sites like Ars Techinca that split into six or seven different pages, so you have to view more ads. Because engagement, content, etc. are somehow the priority rather than a quality experience.

This sort of awful behavior has the opposite effect! I get angry when I'm trying to read stuff, and then my content disappears. So I spend less time browsing Facebook, because literally the only solution would be to navigate to that person's specific page to see their content. Absolute nonsense.

Please stop this absurdity.