Cale Byers

Update on Life

August 8, 2018

Right now it's 1:43am, and I should be asleep. I stayed up messing with my website, shopping for film that I don't need to buy, and I'll eventually shower. Probably go to sleep around 2:40 or 3am. I'm tired, and the summer is basically over now.

The other night, I developed six rolls of black and white film, and the whole ordeal took about five hours. A large delay stemmed from difficulty rolling the film onto reels. The Arista film is more brittle and fragile, so rolling can be really annoying compared to something sleek and easy like Pancro 400 or Ilford HP5. I'm almost out of my personal film and will be shooting Arista for casual stuff, then FP4 and others for more important photos. I think I'll start shooting slides for color, because I can buy them short dated for cheaper, and processing is pretty cheap. It's nice to get prints and everything with C-41 at PhotoVision, but I can't give out any more free photos, especially not with a digital camera. I'll shoot Provia 100F and Velvia 50 for color stuff, and if there's not enough light to shoot those films, then I'll shoot my digital camera. Cinestill 800T is too expensive, and Fuji Superia 1600 is even more costly.

There was a concert on the IM field tonight, and it was a group from Tennesse. I'm assuming they found our town because they also have a McMinnville. Took some photos - one color, on Porta 160, and the others were BW with Arista 400. Was trying to empty out my Konica Autoreflex T4 to loan to my friend's brother, and the Porta had been sitting inside for months unfinished. So now I've got three rolls to send off: Kodak Gold 200, which is very, very expired; Agfa 400, which I bought in December and shot recently in my Canon AE-1, and then the Portra 160, which I just finished this evening. I'll send them to PhotoVision probably, except for the Agfa, because it has nudes, and I'm only using Blue Moon or home-processing for nudes.

I'm looking for work and also have found a place to live. It's a six bedroom place, and I'll be living with friends. Rent is cheap. I still wish I could live out of a car, but that's not really practical, and finishing school is more important. I really, really need to get this film photography Kickstarter going, because I have too many sheets of paper and need to get all of my cameras distributed among friends. One friend graduated this year, and I don't know when she'll be back in the area. Need to develop some film with her, and nobody else has been too interested in shooting. I expected a lot of people to reach out over the summer, but it's been really dead. Everyone just goes to work and watches TV or does drugs. I waste a lot of time too, on my phone, staying up late, and sleeping in. And I haven't shot nearly as much as I've wanted - maybe 1/4 of what I hoped.

I need to get a medium format camera and use up my 120 film. One friend has an older camera - hoping to use hers and loan out some film in return. I got a nice Pentax set a few weeks ago, but I dropped it one night, and I don't know what broke. Need to figure it out. The camera is partially done with a roll of Arista 400 EI 1250, and that roll has some shots from a dinner party and who knows what else. From the other rolls I developed, I can see that the camera had issues. There are random black splotches on negatives, and some frames overlap. One roll was double exposed on every damn frame. I don't know how the hell it happened, but I'm very angry about it, because it fucked up some nudes and other photos. Only a couple of the photos seemed slightly interesting. The rest look like shit.

You never know what you're going to get when you buy stuff on Craiglist. For example, I bought some expired Polaroid film and didn't think to test it out, so I lost about $75 buying trash. Thankfully, the Pentax lenses from this other guy are so gorgeous and lovely that the quality of the bodies doesn't matter. I'll try to repair the Pentax, but the lenses are worth far more than $120. I got a 135mm 2.5 and 50mm 1.7, and they are excellent.

I need to get a good job at a winery or restaurant, and I want photography stuff to help out on the side. I'd like to visit the Portland International Raceway and a few other cool spots around the state to go shoot. I've got an underwater film camera, which is a 28mm fixed focus thing. Probably a plastic lens, but I bet it'd be nice to bring to the river. I shot with my Canon AE-1 at the Willamette river near Newberg on Sunday evening, and it was a little stressful taking it out in the water. Can't wait to see how the color ones turned out; the black and white shots look very cool. I shot some FP4 at 200 instead of 125, and I'll try to make some prints after moving out of my summer housing. Need to focus on the transition process and packing for now.

Speaking of that, I should shower and sleep soonish, so I can pack and be somewhat productive today. I'll be spending some time in Portland Thursday and try to send my film to Blue Moon, too. Can't afford to buy anything from their shop right now, so it's probably better not to go.

At some point, I need to clean and inventory everything, so I can loan all my cameras out to friends and get more people shooting. Polaroids are fun, but I wish more people would shoot film at parties. Lot easier and better quality. The larger format Polaroids are cool, but the Instax line is so expensive and small.

My website is a mess, and I need to clean up the files. Should revise the CSS rules and attempt to setup a static site generator with Hakyll or something. But also, I'm tempted to build a fancy landing page with some template from HTML5 UP, and then I can keep a static, lightweight blog that slightly relates to the homepage theme. I'm considering buying an unlimited storage plan with SpiderOak, and their promo expires tomorrow at some point. Only $180/year for unlimited storage. Pretty awesome, but after 10 years, I will be out a good chunk of cash. For now, I can't afford a nice NAS, so I suppose it's cheaper.

I'm growing out my facial hair and don't really shave much, except for minor hygeinic purposes. It's nice to keep my armit hair short, so it doesn't get lots of deodorant stuck. I use baking soda mostly or just go without, unless I need to be around people or am working, and then I'll use real deodorant. I still need to get glasses, go to the dentist, maybe visit a chiropractor, and start workign out more seriously. I was swimming for a bit, but I haven't gone for a couple weeks. Need to do more pull-ups, push-ups, and swimming. I hate running, and it's too hot right now. Roller-blading is getting easier, but it's also too hot, unless I wear booty shorts. Even then, it's uncomfortable.

I haven't smoked much weed in the last couple weeks. I'm done with all the heavy THC stuff. It's so pointless. I tried some CBD dabs and an oil tincture a couple weeks ago, and it was great. Very relaxed. Time went by very quickly without me noticing. On THC trips, 3 minutes can feel like an hour, but with CBD, an hour will pass, and you barely notice. I can still feel music and appreciate the sounds, but there's none of the paranoia, suspicion, or lack of awareness. CBD edibles and tinctures are probably the only forms of weed I'll consider using from now on. Some of my highs with THC stuff have been good, but plenty of them have been unpleasant and incapacitating. I still haven't tried mushrooms or anything besides weed, but maybe in the next year, that will change. I'd like to go do shrooms with friends in the forest on a camping trip, but a lot of my friends are taking medications that shouldn't be used concurrently with psychedelics. RIP.

I have some school paperwork to deal with, including financial aid stuff and a policy interpretation letter from an alcohol violation. I drank wine at the IPNC festival, and I was found guilty of breaking policy. This also caused me to lose my summer job, but on the bright side, I was able to cash my check early and pay off some debt.

I have a meeting today at 8am about the wine incident, and hopefully that will be the last one. Later today, I'm planning to get my room cleaned and sorted, and I'll apply for some jobs this week. I have to be out of the apartment by the end of the 12th, which is Sunday evening. Today is Wednesday. It should be fine, but moving everything is a little annoying. Lot's of boxes and bags.

Should sleep now. It's 2:23, and I'm going to upload this and then shower. Good night for now.