Cale Byers

It's been a while...

December 6, 2017

I planned on being on top of things and posting regularly, but I haven't made time. Until today! "The season starts today!" Anyway, this semester at Linfield is almost over, and it's been a lot to deal with in terms of adjustments and experiences. I've got a lot of draft posts from way back to early August that I haven't posted, and I think it's better to mull over things rather than posting stuff immediately as its relevant. This applies to personal stuff. A blog post about the Eclipse would have been nice. Or the sports or other things I've been shooting. So I've neglected to stay current with photography, but I don't feel so bad about delaying the personal posts or other topics.

FIRST of all, I think the future will be better than this past semester has been. I am excited to have a better understanding of my plans and am considering a minor in music. The plan is to graduate from Linfield in the spring of 2020. My initial goal was spring '19, but it's not possible anymore, and stretching into 2020 rather than fall 2019 enables me to do more stuff (and take on more loans, RIP finances).

So until I get through finals and have time over the break, I'm not going to dedicate much effort into blogging. I have old content that is pretty easy to post, but I won't be writing new stuff (except for once I finish my photography class project).

McMinnville is a lot smaller than I once thought. I've been downtown a lot and taken many photos, and I've met quite a few people. This semester has been difficult but made me more appreciative of things and given me a fresh perspective. I'll maybe publish more details about choices, finances, and other things in the future, but it's not urgent. The basic thing is that I ended up choosing to live in campus housing, and the stability is going to make my life a lot better.

Okay, that's all for now. I'm going to dump a bunch of old posts online over the next few days when I get bored and need a break from math.