Cale Byers

Update on Life

June 21, 2018

Today is the longest day of the year. Actually it’s just the day with the most sunlight. I’m planning to spend it shooting at the skatepark after I publish this and get dressed. Thankfully it’s cloudy today, and the temperature is only 69°. My favorite weather is overcast and 60 something, so this is nearly perfect, but I haven’t been outside yet, so who knows what it actually is like today. The last couple days have been super hot and had intense sunlight. I avoid the sun, because I don’t like getting sunblock on my camera. I need a different system. No neck strap, or at least a strap that isn’t made of slimy, fake leather. Belts or ties would be great camera straps. And I need a big hat.

I’m unemployed at the moment and not interested in getting a job. I will find work and do my own thing. I’ve considered applying at the corporate Starbucks or contacting previous employers, but for now, I’m fine. There are plenty of opportunities for photography, free-lance web stuff, and various random things. I was supposed to have a vehicle, but it ended up not being drivable. So I’ve got public transit, a scooter, and rollerblades. That’s fine though, because cars are obnoxious.

The end of the semester was not very good. My GPA took a hit, but I still have my academic scholarships, so it’s fine. I’ll have to petition for financial aid, since I didn’t complete 24 credits, but that’s also fine. I did a couple photoshoots in the end of the term, but I didn’t do any senior graduation photos for my friends like last year. We were too busy & didn’t have schedules line up. Now that it’s summer though, I’m going to market senior pics for high school & maybe college idk. It would be nice to shoot a few weddings or engagement announcements. I see people charging over $150/hour, some as much as $250. So much money. I WILL DO YOUR WEDDING FOR $50/hour! HIRE ME.

After the spring semester, I’m fully convinced that Linfield College needs most of its administration to be replaced. The president is gone, and maybe it’ll lead to a gradual replacement and a new future for the college. My ideal vision for this place is a democratic society where students have real power and can influence their educational environment. We could function as a miniature society with courts, laws, systems, and equality… Imagine a college where students and professors have significant influence and can vote on decisions. The existence of an administrative class will always be a barrier to real freedom and equal treatment. It is better for the students and professors to elect representatives to serve in an administrative capacity. Rather than pay a full-time person, we could elect someone to volunteer for a period of time. Allowing people to learn about the processes and actually make decisions would be a valuable experience.

Dillin Hall, our dining commons, needs to go back to the old ways of being run by parents and students. We could shop in bulk at Winco, Costco, etc, and we could support local farms, buying healthy food. Our college could develop a culinary program, which would complement the wine studies. It’s a perfect fit, and it’s a logical next step. Allowing students and educators to control the dining experience would be great. Sodexo, Barnes and Nobles, and Starbucks are corporations driven by a profit motive at the expense of quality and fairness. They have no place in this institution, and their existence just steals away our freedom under the guise of convenience and expertise. But the truth of the matter is that higher costs are not convenient, and these corporate systems are inefficient. We could have a student-run lending library for textbooks, where we just use them for the term. Instead, B&N just sells us our books year after year, extracting profits and making college unaffordable. A student-run coffee shop would be cheaper and better. It’s also great hands-on experience for all the business/finance/accounting nerds. I wanted to be a business major briefly, then I realized it was really annoying and boring. I think business is mostly trade school repackaged as an academic science. It’s largely bullshit, especially when you understand how socialist business practices can be successful.

Enough ranting though. The solution is to give students the right to make their own decisions and trust that through a democratic process, the faculty and students could reach fair judgements about how to live in this community. We need to have more influence instead of being told what to do. When the college model switches from an administrative/tyrant/oppressor style of leading to a democratic/equal/socialist system, the college community will thrive, grow, flourish, etc.

I ate some food: noodles, pork, mushrooms, red wine, garlic, and sour cream. It was decent. Last night I had the same thing but with white, sticky rice instead of noodles, and I sautéed some red cabbage with cayenne pepper and coconut oil. It was average. Could’ve been better. My favorite red cabbage thing has been with red wine vinegar, cayenne pepper, and brown sugar. Quite nice.

Anyway, it’s probably about time to finish up this web tinkering for the day. I need to add photos from the last few shoots and finish out the portfolio. Also need to upload film scans… Off to the skate park later, and then maybe an early night sleeping.