Cale Byers

Update on Life

In my last blog post, I noted the many decisions that are being made, and I've got some updates to share. I'm still behind in math, but I'm getting caught up, and I think Spring Break will be the window of time I need to really get back on track. I've got a test for Vector Calc on Friday, then one for Linear after the break. I got a 95 on the first Vector exam, and an 85 on the 1st Linear exam. It was a nice surprise, and hopefully I get similar scores for the next round.

I still haven't made an academic plan, but I'm meeting with some people to figure out options for teaching math and how I should approach it. Two choices are to transfer to PSU and finish my undergrad, or to remain at Linfield and figure out a post-grad program to get a certification and maybe masters degree for teaching math, while minimizing my repayment cost for loans.

I spoke at the McMinnville City Council on March 12th, and my public comments about sexual assault laws are at the beginning of their YouTube video, for about 3.5 minutes. I don't have time to finish either of my articles at the moment. The first one for ASLC candidates is mostly done, but I haven't started one for the administrators. It's difficult to make time to walk around interviewing random students and asking them to sign petitions. But April is sexual assault awareness month, so it's perfect timing, and I'll be writing a piece that criticizes Pike's "Walk a Mile in Her Shoes" fundraiser. According to our school's news blurb from 2016,

“Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” began in 2001 when a small group of men dared to walk around a park in high heels...This event is an attempt to increase awareness about sexual violence against women.

It's apparently quite daring to walk in a park in high heels. Let me tell you something: it's not daring or brave. However, standing up to people who commit sexual or relationship violence against others is in fact daring and brave, and Pike ought to do a better job cleaning up the behavior of their members.

The art department supports the idea of a photography club, and I'll have to actually launch the corresponding Kickstarter project, and then hopefully some math tutoring thing as well, perhaps with GoFundme. I also dropped Cabaret, because I have a minor role without much singing, and I don't have time to deal with it given other priorities in my life.

I found my old-lady sun hat, and I'm moving out of my house off campus. If anyone wants to live there, feel free to contact me. Here's a [Craigslist Post] with more information.

That's all for now. Piano, journalism, photography, and academic planning are the main focus right now.