Cale Byers

Update on Life

October 11, 2018

I’ve been busy with school and not felt the necessity to post anything, but at this point, it’s been too long, so here’s another update.

Tonight is October 10, 2018, but I probably will work on this over a day or two. Not sure when I’ll publish it. I wrote in my diary once or twice in September. Nothing too significant, but I’m not sure.

I’ve started watching American Horror Story and enjoy it a lot, mostly because of the twists. I wish it were less graphic, and I wouldn’t have watched the show even a few years ago. The season with the post-election chaos, clowns, and serial killings was pretty good. Before watching that season, I saw a couple episodes of the one with witches. Speaking of which, if two witches were watching two watches, which witch would watch which watch? I think I heard that in Harvest Fresh, the grocery store in town on 3rd Street. It was either some random guy while I was searching for kettle chips or chocolate goat cheese truffles, or it was the meat clerk.

Right now it’s 4:30pm, and I ate a chocolate crinkle cookie. Cooked them way too long, so they’re like little dog biscuits. Very hard. I’m in bed doing nothing and need to cook dinner then prepare for my biology/writing class assignment over the weekend.

I bought some more stuff to sell online from thrift shop. Some nice purses and ink cartridges. Lightbulbs might be another high margin item. Not sure though. Off-brand cartridges aren’t worth selling, because they have huge 15 packs on eBay for dirt cheap. But I can grab Epson cartridges for $1 and sell for $5-20 no problem. Idk about the purses and clothing in general. Either need to promote it as an online store that has some philanthropic motive, or compete with cheap shipping and eBay shit. Idk.

I had a singing lesson today, practicing Vi Ravviso, and I’ve improved a lot. I’m still not very good at it, but at least my breathing and timing is better. I need to communicate the breathing areas with the other pianist, so that I’m not being rushed while I sing. Apparently the singer is supposed to lead, and the piano just accompanies the voice. I had tried to follow the piano and stay in time that way, which isn’t entirely wrong, but the relationship needs to be independent. I found myself relying on the piano for help with notes and not able to sing without it. Instead, I need to feel the rhythm of the song, sing it, and work with the pianist to smooth out the inconsistencies and variations. Otherwise, everyone would sing every song the same way. It’s not radically different, but there are small adjustments to make.

I’m finally hired by the college to do photography for the music department, which is exciting news. It’s categorized as a work-study job, and I’ll see what people want covered, go to concerts, document practices, rehearsals, classroom moments, and help make concert promotional material. There’s also the Aquilon Music Festival this summer, but I don’t know what I’m doing that far out yet. I really need to get better at singing and piano. It’s really quite sad how undeveloped and behind I am. There are students who have deep backgrounds in music, and they also practice. The practice is a larger component, but there’s no substitute for 5-15 years of piano lessons if you have no background.

I used to play the violin and then later viola, and then violin again in elementary and middle school. I messed around now and then throughout high school and in college, maybe totaling 5-10 hours total in those 8 years. Now that I’m back in college, I joined the string ensemble playing viola. I need to practice very badly, and I don’t know any other finger positions.

Because I’m so behind, I’m going to purchase a subscription to Smart Music. My middle school used it for assignment submission; we would go into a practice room, play our part, and the software showed accuracy with pitch and rhythm. It also plays along, and it’s great. I’m surprised Linfield doesn’t have it. It’s quite cheap. So I signed up to buy it, and I’ll get a microphone. It’ll help with scales and especially with viola stuff. And if anyone else wants access to the software, it’s cheap. Assuming I like it, I’ll buy after 30 days and promote it to my classmates and professors.

I can’t believe it’s nearly mid-October. One of my favorite trees on campus is the yellow one by the music building and library next to the bench in the grass with the bark dust and shrubs. Very nice yellow leaves. I’d say nearly half of the leaves have fallen, which made me kind of sad and angry yesterday. I should try to get a decent picture of it every year.

Work is going nicely. I’m back at The Barberry, running food and assisting servers. The next step is to train for hosting upstairs, then eventually serving. The tips are great, but there will likely be a winter downturn, and having work-study employment with the music department is nice to balance out my income. The last component needs to be an increase in photography clients. I need to market myself to the high school and college markets, along with family stuff. I’d like to approach food and fine art stuff, as well as architecture or real-estate. But working with people is my primary focus. Selling art pics at the local galleries would be cool.

I’m going to watch more American Horror story, make dinner, and then organize some stuff and do homework. I’ll attempt to upload some film photos over the next month, but I don’t have the time or money right now to get them all developed. I have about 7 rolls of my own that are just sitting around until I can get $150 to blow on developing and printing. It’s ridiculously expensive to shoot film when you’re not being paid. So I only shoot film for really special things now, or for landscapes. I’ll probably try to make videos about all of my different film cameras, and test them with film. Perhaps people can support me on Patreon or some shit, and I’ll mail them prints in return from the rolls. That’d be ideal. Each camera would then cost about $25-30 to test, and perhaps I could hit $40 per video, keeping enough extra for shipping, fees, and time.

I’m still not able to take photographs at athletic events, and it’s totally nonsense. Thankfully, I have some receptive people at the college who are offering advice, and I think it’ll get worked out eventually. McMinnville’s local paper, The News Register, sells photos of Linfield athletes online, and I don’t think they have any special contract with the college. I’m pretty sure it’s just an understood privilege to photograph athletes, which is exactly what the NCAA explains in its bylaws regarding news agencies and private photographers. But sometimes when you try to reason with people, it feels like you’re living in another universe where 2 + 2 = 10, and circles are squares. There are two mutually exclusive sets of facts, but they would like to believe both of them, and then use their logical fallacy to take away your freedom. Specifically, the college would like to believe that it’s wrong to sell photos but also permit the newspaper to sell photos. They need to reconcile the inconsistency and either permit me to take photos, hopefully being able to sell them also; or they need to block local media companies from taking photos, too.

Anyway, I have to poop and am tired of typing. I don’t have much else to say. My wrists are kind of sore. If you want to take photos or collaborate on something or hire me for a job, please contact me. I’m really bored and need to make new friends, go on new adventures, and be more productive each week.

It’s now 5:10, and I’m going to paste this into an HTML editor and upload to my website.