Web Design Services

I improve websites and build new ones, focusing on speed, accessibility, and minimalism. Have worked with Wordpress, Squarespace, Wix, and other platforms. Explore samples below, and read my website design goals to understand my priorities as a designer.

Demo Sites

  • The Linfield Free Press, a student-newspaper and web-hosting resource for Linfield College.
  • Nimblefish, a sushi restaurant in Portland. Homepage is 130 times smaller (excluding photos), and pages load about 4-6 times faster. Compare to their Squarespace website.
  • The Barberry, a restaurant in McMinnville. Menu pages: 180 times smaller, and 3-5 times faster. Compare to their Wordpress site.
  • The Diner, a restaurant in McMinnville. Homepage is about 11.5 times smaller and only makes 4 requests compared to 105 requests, also loading around 3-10 times faster. Compare to their Wordpress Site.

Website Improvement

I'll explore your site and determine if information is accessible and easily located. For example, phone numbers should be clickable, and content should be easy to read, especially on a mobile device. I'll optimize Javascript or CSS code, correct any broken links or other errors, and enhance the overall experience of viewing your site. If your homepage takes more than three seconds to load, or makes over 10 network requests, it probably could be enhanced within its current framework. Next, you can evaluate if further work is needed, perhaps in rebuilding certain pages.

Building New Pages

We'll prioritize the most important pages, making sure people find what they're looking for, especially on your homepage. Restaurants using PDF menus should offer responsive webpages. PDFs are suited for big screens or printed paper, not a smartphone's tiny display. After solving the top issues, we can determine if further work is necessary.

New Websites

Sometimes it's best to start a new site and benefit from a more efficient design. View my site, and explore the different pages. Notice how quickly everything loads. This site is written by hand and will always beat a generic, templated website from platforms like Squarespace, Wix, or Weebly. There are some excellent Wordpress templates, and it's possible to make a fast website from a template. However, it requires thoughtful planning. I can help you choose a better template or make a new site, avoiding useless bundles of Javascript or CSS that are slowing down your current site. Whether using a template or handwriting, I'll optimize your files, making them as small and fast as practical.

Environmental Impact

When thousands of people view a page, it can exhaust significant bandwidth and energy. From the examples above, consider that 180 people could view the optimized dinner menu for the Barberry in the same amount of space for one person to view their current menu. Transmitting extra data consumes more energy, and visitors' devices also expend energy to display complex, inefficient webpages. If we claim to care for the earth, we should reduce energy consumption wherever possible, and minimalist websites reflect these goals.

Slow websites also deter viewers, who may leave before the page even loads. A fast site is unusual today, and if it's a first impression, it will be noticed and appreciated. Contact me for a free quote.

Cale Byers